• Bob McCoy
  • Boston, US

There are thousands of so-called teaching pros in the country, but so few are any good at all. For over 50 years I’ve taken too many lessons from both groups, some of them ranked in the Top 10 and Top 20 in the country. Not one teacher has given me a lasting solid swing and I have practiced hard to implement the instruction. I’ve been searching for a building block approach based on specific fundamentals. What I’ve received is the band aid approach (“let’s try this, let’s try that”), but there is no relationship to the previous lesson.

This season Tim Kilcoyne set up shop on the Sun ‘N Air Golf Center grass teeing area. Over the years I have seen many teachers come and go in this area and I wouldn’t touch any of them. But when I saw Tim’s approach I had a feeling that he might fit what I wanted. After several sessions I’m thrilled with the results. Tim has more swing knowledge than any of the 50 teachers I’ve had and he expresses these thoughts in a clear and conscious way. I think video is a must in the teaching process. Tim has all the necessary video tools and he knows how to use them in a speedy fashion.

Finally, he is a lot of fun. If you like an ever smiling Irishman with a real sense of humor, Tim is your man. I’ve seen him interact with little old ladies in the beginner stage, to advanced teenagers, middle aged low handicappers, and even old guys like myself. Tim treats everyone the same and adapts his approach to every level of player and physical ability.

Bob McCoy – member of Pine Valley, Baltusrol, Royal St. George’s (England), and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club St. Andrews Scotland. Also course rater for GOLF Magazine..

  • Alan Berry
  • Massachusetts, US

I have worked with Tim as an assistant for the past 2 years. I am always impressed in his ability to communicate with his students and present easy to understand instruction. His pleasant disposition makes learning enjoyable and the results rewarding.

  • John Swanson
  • Winchester, MA

Looking to improve your game? I highly recommend Tim Kilcoyne. As an occasional golfer shooting very high scores, I started with Tim in September, 2013, hoping to improve enough to enjoy the game as I look toward retirement. Tim quickly highlighted my many swing flaws and over the next ten weeks we worked hard at developing sound swing fundamentals. The results were tremendous. I’m consistently striking the ball straighter and farther. I’m shooting in the mid-nineties (vastly improved from a year ago) and have set an 18 handicap as my goal for this season. I continue to work with Tim toward this end. Through hands on instruction, continual video analysis, drills and some swing aids, I’m well on my way. Money well spent!!

  • John Nasser
  • Massachusetts, US

I started the 2014 season at a 14 handicap. After one month and a few lessons with Tim I've already knocked a stroke and a half off of my game. I still have a long way to go to where I'd like to be but with the methods he uses and Tim's style, I know I'll get there in no time. The most important tool Tim uses is the technology of video. You take a bunch of shots and go right into the room to view your technique. There's no better way to fix a swing when you can see it for yourself on a flatscreen in slow motion. You'll then discuss with Tim what you're looking at and go right back out and start working on what you've just learned. Tim brings a fun atmosphere to a lesson that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. His knowledge of the game and his credentials give me the confidence that I'm being taught by one of the best teachers in the area. I've watched Tim give lessons to groups of young kids and I know they'll be good players because he has their full undivided attention. They're always having fun while learning the fundamentals of the game of golf.

  • George Hrabec- age 73

Being an athlete all my life-my introduction to golf came on a trip to Costa Rica last october.I played 18 holes on a beautiful course using athletic ability and observing professional golf for many years.I quickly found out professional lessons is the route to take .Upon my return I bought a set of clubs and was approached by the teaching pro an Sun and Air while I was honing my skills at the driving range.I have taken approximately 12 lessons and continue to take more with Tim Kilcoyne.His expertise,patience and style of teaching has helped my game imminecly.Tims video analysis and breakdown of the swing as well as all aspects of managing the golf course was extremely helpful.I thouroughly enjoyed the soft soothing music background during the early lessons.His lessons have easilly subtracted 1-2 strokes off each hole I play.I know golf will be a part of my future years to play and enjoy,and with Tims professional guidence,I am well on my way to becoming a decent golfer.

  • Russell Serbagi
  • Massachusetts, US

I was tired of tweaking too many things with my grip, set-up and swing and decided it was time to get grounded again in the fundamentals for my swing type. Tim has a great knack for identifying strengths & weaknesses and making the basic changes to get back on track.

  • Steve Deal
  • Massachusetts, US

Tim has the ability to almost instantly diagnose what's wrong with your swing and develop a method for you to follow to fix it quickly. I have been Tim's student for the past few years and went from a 15 handicap to a single digit handicap with Tim's help and guidance. Tim is extremely knowledgeable about the game of golf and an excellent teacher; he is the real deal!