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    7 Steps To Par / Full Swing & Short Game
    2 for 1 Special Lesson Packages!
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    Tailor Your Group Clinic!
    Grab Family, Friends or Colleagues for Desired 45 min. Sessions
    4 students minimum.
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    Free 'n 4 Seasonal Game Plan!
    Develop a long-term schedule of 1/2 hrs lessons at your convenience
    allowing for ample practice time through the season.
    Every 4th Lesson is Free!
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    Pro - for -Your - Day at Home or Business!
    Whether it be the family cookout, birthday, anniversary or business-promotion,
    let Tim make it a fun affair for all!
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    Lessons One at a Time!
    Individual Lessons for 30, 45 or 60 minutes can be scheduled,
    one at a time, for your pace and schedule.
    Lesson-Fittings as well; fix the swing then fix the clubs!
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    7 Steps To Par / Full Swing and Short Game
    Instruction Videos

    detailing a simple outline for your swing!
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    Fairways to Fitness Golf Schools
    or Playing Clinics!

    Day 1, Day 2 , & Day 3 Golf Schools or Playing Clinics on the half hour.
    Individuals or Groups.
"Don't they make it look so easy!"

Well it truly can be if we follow Tim's 7 STEP game plan. Tim Kilcoyne, PGA Member, presents a logical tour of the essential components of a sound swing. What is most special is that Tim allows for a variety of theory and technique in a determined effort to find your swing! Body-type, athletic ability and unique styles will all be accounted for in creating a swing that simply works! Indeed, 7 STEPS is not a "method" but rather a back-to-basics personal-step to your very best swing!

Follow the steps. Only your swing counts.

Fundamentals Video

Par can be broken down to seven easy steps. Let Tim take you on a fundamentals tour of the golf swing, clearly defining: 1.Grip 2.Alignment 3.Posture 4.Stance 5.Backswing 6.Downswing and 7.Tempo. Tim's logical, tested approach is timeless and for everyone!

The Short Game Video

Utilizing a "7 step" method on the fundamentals, now learn seven distinct phases of the short game: 1.Putting 2.Touch Shots 3.Chipping 4.Sand Shots 5.Pitching 6.Uneven Lies and 7.Specialty Shots. Each segment includes practical drills for that proper "feel."

Video Introduction