Parformance Golf Schools 1, 2 or 3 Days (Juniors, Adults or Seniors)

    • The Full Swing "Steps" of Grip, Posture, Stance & Tempo
    • The Short Game "STEPS" of Putting, Touch Shots & Chipping
    • Video-Analysis of Each Student with Complimentary DVD
    • The Full Swing “STEPS” of Alignment, Backswing & Downswing
    • The Short Game “STEPS” of Pitching, Sand Shots, Uneven Lies & Specialty Shots Video-Analysis of the great swings.
    • Complimentary DVD or video email
    • Two 7 STEPS TO PAR videos to each student completing 2 days.
    • We play golf ! Special focus placed on course management, rules/etiquette and other mental mechanics.