Tim Kilcoyne

Director of Instruction

I've been playing since the age of seven. My golf library must be a collector's item! I have served as a Teaching Professional at three successful yet different golf schools. In addition, I have coached women's golf teams at both Boston College and UC Santa Barbara. In the midst of it all, I have come to understand that simplicity is the best way to way to approach the golf swing. Forget those complicated theories, it really is "7 Steps To Par!" and a happier golfer.

My two instructional videos for both the Full Swing and The Short Game outline a very easy to follow, A to Z, "Step-by-Step" path to lower scores. It is not a rigid method but rather a practical guideline born totally out of real experience as a Teaching Professional. It is my best credential to sincerely say that this "7 Step" approach has had a 100% success rate amongst my students towards the improvement of their game; regardless of age or athletic ability.

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  • Email: tim@pga.com